We are not a facility!  We rescue animals in need and hope to provide an immediate loving home for these animals. We work and depend solely on our volunteers for fostering, home visits, transport etc. If you would like to volunteer please contact us! The shelter that we try to help the most is Robeson County Shelter in NC. They are an amazing bunch of people in this shelter and we will continue to do our best to provide them with the help they need. <3

These animals are unwanted, abused, neglected or are abandoned because they are ill or have special needs or simply because their owner has passed; all of which is no fault of their own. We have the love to give to these animals and will continue to strive to help those animals in need.

Our goal is to match up the right person with these animals that will give them the love they are so deserving of. 
 We take this very serious and we do and will remove an animal from a home if it turns out that are not suited for the home or there is a breach in the contract. We have in the past had people that have had good references and stable environments but, later have turned out not to be a good fit.

The adoption process will involve the completion of an adoption application by the prospective adopter, an appropriate screening process, home visit and a contract. We do provide the initial vetting and spay/neutering if the animal is old enough. If they are not old enough you will be provided with documentation that needs to be signed by the Vet when the procedure is completed.  Follow up home visits will be made within the first year or two to ensure the adoption was a success for both the adopter and the animal by evaluating the home life between the animal and adopters. A  contract will be signed and will need to be complied with every step of the way. We take this very serious as we are the voice for these animals.    

We are not a 501c3 but do hope to be in the near future! 

Miss. Brandi is our dog-she is a great foster sister/trainer for most rescues that come through our door. We adore Miss. Brandi! <3

Brandi (Vice President of FBR) and Foster Mama to the rescues!

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